Sunday, September 14, 2008

free $$ /it works my frind gets $ all the time

toronto trip FAIL

well it was a fall left niagara falls smokin a doob got a lil past st kits then it started to rain we were like fuck this sucks it rained stoped raind stoped at 120 the wheel stoped bumping faster and fast well we smoked more weed had the subs on i dont no but i was relly baked we finly got the it wasent raining any were we looked spot over spot we were like fuck yea this is sick we found a spot to park got out got the bikes out started to put them togather then it started to rain we rode got some food smoked a nother then we were going to ride to a indoor park got a lil there found a place to hide under cuz we were sooked then we smoked more then google maped the park codent find it called lee asked him he sed to call a shop we called found out how to get there then road back to the van jumped in then drove there got out went in found out it cost 10$ to ride a place that was smaller then my house we dident have then $ so we peaced and got in the van we end up at a fast food place we come back to the van to eat get done eating start a joint but at the time it was dark out and we had the lights on and when its dark out side tinted windows do do shit were tokin on this thing and what do u no a COP rolls by im like OMG shit cuz im on probashon so i cant get in to shit well we r luky that cop wanted his downuts cuz he dident do shit so we peaced that got on the high way smoked the rest of it i relly dont rember much i was hella baked it was fun the bass was on van was going fast rain was pooring we got back to N.F road sobes got kicked out went back to my buds house blazed more saw some bmx vids i talked to my sis we left i got droped off about 1:19am came home and passed out (that was r trip)

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