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its here the long w8ed PETEYPABS capone rider interview

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:12:38 AM): what is your real name and age

fbmcaponerider (2:13:06 AM): brandon fancy and im 17

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:13:28 AM): how long have you been shreddin it up

fbmcaponerider (2:14:16 AM): sence i was a kid id jump 4ft or higher ramps out front my house but just thes 3 past yers iv been givin ER

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:15:30 AM): there was a story on the board awhile back involving you, a tranny and you allegedly having relations with it.. elaboration?

fbmcaponerider (2:18:47 AM): ahahah well i was on hard drugs/pill's weed,beer,jak D so shit was REALLY jumpED OFF. it had tits and looked like a chick so i let IT suck me off n/h100% so shit starts jumpin and we end up with its pants off ITS DARK WARE WE WERE so i codent see any thing but my buddy looked in the room with a light and then i saw IT dude it had a bigger dick then i did well nothin happend i dident kiss it or any thing i just PEACED out and went home and passed out

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:19:31 AM): hahaha thats golden

fbmcaponerider (2:19:44 AM): yeah

fbmcaponerider (2:20:00 AM): its not gay if u liked it !!

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:20:52 AM): if you could compare your riding to any professionals styles who would it be?

fbmcaponerider (2:21:09 AM): no one i am capone no one rides like me

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:21:39 AM): why do you have a very similar color scheme to aaron ross?

fbmcaponerider (2:22:10 AM): cuz it looks legit and i like it and aaron is my fav. rider

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:22:38 AM): so you do like him although he used to ride for fbm?

fbmcaponerider (2:24:01 AM): well we all fuck up and like FBM at one point i dont see FBM being a company in 7 yers from now there just to fucked tellin ppl that rep them to FUCK OFF naa dude that shit ant cool thay can S MY D

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:25:28 AM): since you dislike them have you ever thought about possibly
changing your name to something other than fbm capone rider?

fbmcaponerider (2:26:15 AM): well i dont hate them thay are just FUCKED and i cant i have
1,460 POST!

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:26:48 AM): if you had three wishes what would they be?

fbmcaponerider (2:27:54 AM): 1:to ride like aaron ross

2: to be hooked up by SUNDAY and ODYSSEY

3:to have my fav. car a nissan skyline GTR R34

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:28:06 AM): dialed

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:28:30 AM): do you hate adam22 or the come up/ board members?
fbmcaponerider (2:30:07 AM): well i just bug a22 for shits and giggels its like a rush OH AM I GOING TO GET BANED FOR THIS ahha and ppl that bug me id cut there cocks/pussy's off and make them eat them there is no reson to bug me im a really CHILL guy

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:30:47 AM): well put.

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:30:57 AM): what is the best feeling in the world

fbmcaponerider (2:31:58 AM): can there be 2 if there is 2 riding dirt trails and fucking a nice wet creamy pussy
fbmcaponerider (2:32:22 AM): cant go wrong

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:32:31 AM): how many girls have you pleasured in your short life so far?

fbmcaponerider (2:32:39 AM): 8

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:33:30 AM): there was talk that there was going to be a capone baby running around what happened with that?

fbmcaponerider (2:34:26 AM): ahah turns out my EX gf fucked a dude b4 she meet me and well she dont live here any more i was really stoked on it :(

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:34:43 AM): damn that sucks then

fbmcaponerider (2:35:14 AM): yeah that kid would of probly kicked any ones ass

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:36:37 AM): name a pro that you think you could possibly beat in a game of bike? assuming you had first trick to increase your chances

fbmcaponerider (2:39:05 AM): if it was a game of bike at the bmx park down the road id have to say any pro really

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:40:23 AM): what do you think of give d and the fact that your nemisis company helped the kid out

fbmcaponerider (2:42:00 AM): well SHIT ON THEM bcuz i dont think any one reped them more then i did fuck i even sent ppl there to buy frames n shit i think that is really disrespaktfull

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:43:27 AM): say your on a roadtrip with abunch of riders and your sharing a bed with any pro rider, who would you want to sleep with? n.h or a.h?

fbmcaponerider (2:45:11 AM): a22 i think it would be fucked due to what he tells me when he
text me A/H
YoPeteyPabsYo (2:45:30 AM): what type of shit does he say to you usaully?

fbmcaponerider (2:46:10 AM): like SEND ME NUDE PICS

fbmcaponerider (2:46:16 AM): i shit you not

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:46:31 AM): have you ever sent him any capone?

fbmcaponerider (2:46:35 AM): NO my dicks to big to fit in a pic

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:47:47 AM): if you had a hippopotamus and a broom in a ice cave in
helsinki,finland with a pro flatland rider of your choice tied up against its anus giving you no room to go through its intestines what things would you do to get out/ get by in that predicament?

fbmcaponerider (2:49:01 AM): in stab it and rep it open and get out

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:49:32 AM): but its living so it could potentially kill you so how would youkill it first

fbmcaponerider (2:49:48 AM): it cant kill u if ur inside it

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:50:43 AM): your on the outside in the cave though and its blocking your
pathway to freedom like the large stones blocking jesus in his tomb

fbmcaponerider (2:51:05 AM): w8 for it to move?

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:52:19 AM): where do you see your carreer being in a few years

fbmcaponerider (2:52:50 AM): probly no were on a bike but id probly still be selling drugs

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:53:03 AM): how many pounds do you traffic in a week

fbmcaponerider (2:53:18 AM): cant talk bout dat shit nigga

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:53:30 AM): the feds watchin and shit?

fbmcaponerider (2:53:39 AM): YEAH

YoPeteyPabsYo (2:54:28 AM): ok and what are some words you have for kids who like and hate you

fbmcaponerider (2:55:47 AM): kids that hate me add me to msn or meet me in reall life ull see how i am i ant no retard im a chill guy that rides bmx and smokes way to much pot ppl that like me a big FUCK YES and thanks

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capone rider's 1st interview

fbmcaponerider (12:29:34 AM): when did you start riding bmx

NonsenseBmx (12:29:50 AM): When i was like 14

fbmcaponerider (12:30:11 AM): What do you think of the hole TIGHT pant thing

NonsenseBmx (12:30:37 AM): umm i dont care for it but it did make my penis smaller :[

fbmcaponerider (12:31:14 AM): what do you think of rent a cops that kick ppl outa spots

NonsenseBmx (12:31:43 AM): Their just doing there jobs

fbmcaponerider (12:32:45 AM): what do you think about capone rider

NonsenseBmx (12:33:10 AM): Im his biggest fan

NonsenseBmx (12:33:21 AM): hes going to blow up in 09

fbmcaponerider (12:34:35 AM): have you ever been in a fight when u beat them down with your bike

NonsenseBmx (12:35:02 AM): nah fuck no i ride away like a bitch

fbmcaponerider (12:38:19 AM): were do you see BMX in 12 yers

NonsenseBmx (12:38:48 AM): Everything is going to be super light and everyone is going to be
flailing theire bikes around like Daniel dhers and the new trend will be Half shirts

fbmcaponerider (12:40:30 AM): what do you think of obama da blackest prez ever

NonsenseBmx (12:41:48 AM): i think the come up shirt of him is wack

then he asked me a Q

NonsenseBmx (12:43:20 AM): do you think you could take adam22 in a physical fight?

fbmcaponerider (12:44:47 AM): well i dont see why there would be a fight 1st i just fuck with him 2end he sends really gay texts to me 3rd niggas to poor to come to canada

NonsenseBmx (12:45:48 AM): when are you going to throw the B's

fbmcaponerider (12:46:31 AM): maybe next summer i still cant get my dick to do em

fbmcaponerider (12:47:26 AM): WOULD YOU BANG A BLACK FAT CHICK

NonsenseBmx (12:47:34 AM): if she was hot,maybe,if i could fist her

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bmxfu capone edit yea dig!

BMXFU from capone on Vimeo.

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CAPONE RIDER FUTU! from capone on Vimeo.

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well i no i havent posted in a long time its cuz iv been over on my new site this site is still up and running i post a bit but im over at the new one here is a vid i found its ganarly
REPSET - Christmas Warehouse Session. from REPSET on Vimeo.