Thursday, February 12, 2009

capone rider's 1st interview

fbmcaponerider (12:29:34 AM): when did you start riding bmx

NonsenseBmx (12:29:50 AM): When i was like 14

fbmcaponerider (12:30:11 AM): What do you think of the hole TIGHT pant thing

NonsenseBmx (12:30:37 AM): umm i dont care for it but it did make my penis smaller :[

fbmcaponerider (12:31:14 AM): what do you think of rent a cops that kick ppl outa spots

NonsenseBmx (12:31:43 AM): Their just doing there jobs

fbmcaponerider (12:32:45 AM): what do you think about capone rider

NonsenseBmx (12:33:10 AM): Im his biggest fan

NonsenseBmx (12:33:21 AM): hes going to blow up in 09

fbmcaponerider (12:34:35 AM): have you ever been in a fight when u beat them down with your bike

NonsenseBmx (12:35:02 AM): nah fuck no i ride away like a bitch

fbmcaponerider (12:38:19 AM): were do you see BMX in 12 yers

NonsenseBmx (12:38:48 AM): Everything is going to be super light and everyone is going to be
flailing theire bikes around like Daniel dhers and the new trend will be Half shirts

fbmcaponerider (12:40:30 AM): what do you think of obama da blackest prez ever

NonsenseBmx (12:41:48 AM): i think the come up shirt of him is wack

then he asked me a Q

NonsenseBmx (12:43:20 AM): do you think you could take adam22 in a physical fight?

fbmcaponerider (12:44:47 AM): well i dont see why there would be a fight 1st i just fuck with him 2end he sends really gay texts to me 3rd niggas to poor to come to canada

NonsenseBmx (12:45:48 AM): when are you going to throw the B's

fbmcaponerider (12:46:31 AM): maybe next summer i still cant get my dick to do em

fbmcaponerider (12:47:26 AM): WOULD YOU BANG A BLACK FAT CHICK

NonsenseBmx (12:47:34 AM): if she was hot,maybe,if i could fist her